Revealing and transforming

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I never quite understood the power of time and space, and just how kind and transforming a gift it could be to give to myself.

Since experimenting more with being present and self-aware I have realized how I experience time has transformed, and many revealing things have appeared to me.

Not many people in life sing the praise of delayed gratification, but it has been working wonders for me in my life.

Slowing down, learning to feel stable, and letting go of ridged ideas and beliefs about what it means to be successful and happy.

I’m tuned into my intuition…

We all share the difficulties we have

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How I see it most days now, no one is perfect or everyone is.

People get busy trying to be more like others or being completely obsessed with being better than they are. Both take us away from enjoying the brilliance within ourselves in the now.

Having dreams, goals, and visions for the future is beautiful. But not allowing yourself to find love or acceptance for yourself in the present is going to make the journey much harder and not enjoyable.

And when you reach the perceived solution, achievement, or destination, you may just find yourself wondering why you still…

Out the other end of Insidious lies

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| Society’s lurid lies |

Lies are insidious, often they become the architecture of our realities.

If you’re not careful you might start to believe you’re trapped, you have no choice, you have to be as others tell you to be, you have to give yourself over to others, become programmed, obey, conform.

Lies feed more lies. Truths inspire truths.

But we’re all so scared, to tell the truth.

Society would have us believe we must earn our worth.

Work our fingers to the bone and ruminate in endless thought cycles.

Worrying makes us responsible. Feeling makes us weak.

The permission to enjoy as much of life as possible

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

| Errands and to-do’s |

So much to do, so little time.

I love a good to-do list, but very quickly fun and rest become things that appear on that list. They generally fall at the bottom too.

Well, this is how I feel sometimes.

But I don’t want to schedule in joy and necessary rest. I want to live it. Feel it as much as possible. Sneak it into pockets of time.

I want to give myself this freedom.

I don’t want to keep my mind chained to the idea fun and rest can only be had in planned…

Beautiful unknowns

Image by Duy Anh Phan from Pixabay

| Blind, chaotic devotion |

I’m blind as to what may be arriving in my life next.

Though surely what is coming to me is energetically what I have been creating.

I’m just not entirely sure what this looks like yet.

I used to be devoted to other people, blindly seeking approval, hungry for validation.

This was a time of blind, chaotic devotion.

Chaotic sums it up perfectly. Because chaos was my internal experience of life. Although I didn’t know it then, I just thought everyone experienced life like that.

Now I am devoted to maintaining my inner peace. …

The manifestation of trauma

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Seeking to uncover terrifying truths
Self-soothing through the sharp rocky terrain
One slip, one trip, one misstep
piercing fragile flesh

Falling asleep in tear-soaked soil
Unearthing betrayal from bodies long fallen
Echoing in my soul, pounding in my head
part-time hiding from relentless storms

Developing perseverance
Seek to uncover those parts of you still hiding
truths beginning to simmer
Fear dropping from heights into the pit of my stomach

Slowly revealing
Like a temptress of desires
Dark and beautiful
Hauntingly raw and hungry

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

This game of hide and seek, reaches a powerful climax.

Taking the time to make sense of what once made no sense

Image by Florin Radu from Pixabay

It takes time to figure things out in life. But those of us who struggle with patience, as I sometimes do, know all too well how easy it can be to become frustrated with waiting and allowing knowledge to be revealed as it needs to.

I have been thinking about the theme of attraction for a while now. What attracts us to people? What makes others so enticing?

For so long I think my attraction to others had a lot to do with wanting to feed the parts of people that were starving in the same ways I was.


We will celebrate now and then

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Sometimes I feel like I know certain people from this publication, just from the small interactions and reading their words.

Diana C.’s heartfelt words triggered an exciting visualization in my mind when I read this week’s prompt intro.

“I often wonder what it would be like if we all got together over some coffee and started throwing random words at each other. Of course, that would instantly turn into a writing session, but oh my, how much fun that would be! I visualize a chilled, friendly atmosphere and lots of laughter.”

How exciting such a meet-up would be. I thought…

But remember your value isn’t always easy to understand either

Image by Brayan Hernando Guzman Cortez from Pixabay

I used to let other people determine how I thought, felt and perceived myself. I let them dictate my worth and value.

This led me to painful lessons and realizations, to a dark territory where I received many wake-up calls.

I ended up learning not to let other people decide my value, and in many ways, it set me free.

Being able to decide my own value helped me set out to destroy previous beliefs and ideas I had been led to believe and taught along the way.

In many ways, I have had to re-educate myself, whilst being cautious…

Camille Grady

Your own truth will set you free. Writer on self awareness, personal growth and spirituality.

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