Trusting that we can live and survive in the world being true to ourselves

I was over the moon to see the lovely Diana C. and KTHT was back.

Living in the world as a person who sees things through a spiritual lens has been quite challenging for me to adapt to, and it continues to challenge me. Though publications like this one and…

Forgiving yourself for self-betrayal through embodying gentleness

There I was, feeling utterly dead and defeated, it was as though this scenario had appeared a million times in my reality, and I had failed once more.

Failed to make the right decision and choice. Failed to speak up for myself. Failed to assert myself.

I could feel the…

Unpopular opinion- Sensitivity is not a weakness

Go ahead, underestimate me. Judge me. Tell me I’m weak, vulnerable, precious, emotional. Describe me as pathetic, soft, sensitive.

All of this may sound a bit extreme, but for many people being sensitive is something we are brought up to see as a weakness and taught it’s a negative characteristic.

Camille Grady

Your own truth will set you free. Writer on self awareness, personal growth and spirituality.

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