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Heavy on solitude

I see no changes. I only feel them. That means nothing is changing.

Ahh the ways the monkey mind tricks us. This was the story I would return to for quite some time while working on myself.

Keeping myself in the frequency of separation rather than connection.

The four words that finally sunk in

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What are some example of times when words held immense power in your life?

It’s not about you.

These were the four words I kept being told and hearing over and over again.

It would drive me crazy because I felt like nothing was ever about me, even things that…

Releasing the need to control

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When making tough choices or life changes, gentleness can teach and assist us to surrender to life.

It can remind us to stop, take the time we need, and give ourselves space to receive clarity.

Some of the most difficult changes I have made within myself have called upon huge…

Tapping into love to dissolve shame

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Monday: Where do you keep your shame?

I have been made to feel shame.


No one can make you feel anything. Don’t give anyone or anything that power over you.

Fine then… let me rephrase, I feel shame.

It clings to my body like a lover threatening to never…

Can you allow love without overanalyzing why or whether or not you deserve it?

Image by Szilárd Szabó from Pixabay

Love is all around us. It’s in the smiles of our friends, in strangers, in the eyes of people, in nature.

Love grows from the smallest cracks in concrete.

It triumphs through everything and grows in the most hostile conditions.

I know this because this has been part of my…

I was scared of being too much

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Thursday Prompt: Contemplate emotions you’re afraid of exposing to others. What do you hide? Why?

The emotions I was so afraid of exposing to others for so long, were any that I felt could be perceived as too much or inappropriate.

I’ve learned over the years to almost expertly read…

A potent reminder

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

I was chatting to my sister the other day on the phone. We were sharing inspiring and encouraging things with each other.

She told me about an experience she had when she went for a swim in a lake nearby. When she got in the water and became really present…

How trees can teach us about our true nature

Image by Gennaro Leonardi from Pixabay

Certain types of Trees share a fascinating growth habit in common.

Crown shyness is the term used to describe the phenomenon when the crowns or tops of the trees don’t touch one another.

Observing this looking up into the canopy reveals little borders or barriers between the tops of the…

A memory to anchor and inspire us

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Skeletal claws of darkness

It’s inevitable, death, and the Latin phrase Memento Mori reminds us Remember you must die.

I never used to understand the role of making time and space for pain, for working on healing, or endings, or death. …

How experiencing deep disconnection was what led me to the gift of connection

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

I never realized for the longest time I had been keeping people at arm’s length. Closing myself off from so much possibility and opportunity.

I also recognize now though, my sensitivities have often led me to intuit the possible growth available within relationships, and the lack or abundance of vulnerability…

Camille Grady

Your own truth will set you free. Writer on self awareness, personal growth and spirituality.

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