Turn Questioning Yourself Into a Useful Habit

Rather than letting it ruin your self-worth

5 min readJan 12, 2021


Photo by mari lezhava on Unsplash

Questioning yourself can quickly become a toxic habit. It can also be a useful tool if it is done with mindfulness and awareness.

I still question myself now, but rather than being critical when questioning myself I now productively question myself. This has been an important tool for me in transforming the way I see myself.

See often it’s easy to live life on autopilot mode. Life can become comfortable and stagnate pretty quickly and we can end up attracting things to ourselves we discover we don’t even want. And even if we are attracting things we want in the here and now, our wants and needs are constantly changing.

Questioning ourselves in line with our wants and needs makes us more resilient and purposeful in manifesting deep desires and the best for ourselves.

Digging deep and questioning myself has been important for me in figuring out what I want in life. It’s crazy to think I got to my age before stopping to do this- but better late than never. People spend lifetimes simply living without questioning their happiness, fulfillment, and asking themselves, what do I want?

Asking myself questions often has made me realize the importance of being in tune with your instincts, intuition, and truth. In the past I let the authority and the impressions of others rule my world. But now I see the importance of leading myself to fulfillment and purpose.

The things I question have changed

In the past I questioned myself regularly, but for all the wrong reasons. I questioned my intelligence, willpower, and abilities and I questioned myself in my roles in life and whether or not I lived up to them. All of this was toxic questioning. Self-denial and deprecation in its finest form.

I questioned my worth all the time before. Now, this has changed.

Now my questioning is in line with my best interests in mind. Now the things I am trying to question are whether or not situations, relationships, and environments are the best for my personal growth and expansion. Also in how I can be better as a person but without the draining…




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